Our Story: From Pre-Med to Jewelry Designer

It’s a crowded world, inundated with news of others’ successes and new ventures. Sometimes you have to pluck yourself from all that overwhelming buzz and remember where you came from and all the successes and failures that’s gotten you to your current point.

I recently got interviewed by my friend, Allyn Lewis, the creator of Hit the Gem, and we talked about business beginnings, struggles, and motivations.

Aside from close family, I don’t think that many people know the story behind the brand.
It’s something that I’d always been -not ashamed per se, but more hesitant- to share.

But it’s a story that really shapes my overarching attitudes about life and the future, so that in itself, I believe, is worth sharing with you. I hope it inspires you in some way.
Keep reading for a snippet of the interview!


1. What was your biggest fear when starting your company and how did you overcome it?

I think a huge fear I had when I was starting out was what people from home might think of me and my work. Here I was, a girl who focused so much on academics growing up, to someone who totally switched to the fashion industry. I realize that’s stupid and I don’t really care about that anymore, as long as I continue to create what resonates with me and the brand. That kind of goes in line with the fear of not making enough money from this business and ultimately, having to settle for a miserable existence working for someone else.

2. Were family and friends supportive of you starting your own business, or did you deal with negative feedback? If you received negative feedback, what were the habits and thoughts that helped you overcome them?

My parents were a little apprehensive; I knew they were wondering if I was serious about starting this business or if it was just a temporary phase. My mom tried convincing me a couple times to try another job that was relevant to my degree, even though I never sent out another resume again. Friends were supportive with encouraging words and thought my work was great. Some have supported by purchasing, although I’ve also realized that sometimes your friends aren’t your target market. That upset me for a bit, because I thought more of my friends would be purchasing my creations. But I can’t dwell on that, especially when there are stylists and influencers who’ve reached out and expressed interest in the pieces. That drives me and gives me hope when the people I look up to in the industry love what I make with my own hands.


Head over to Hit the Gem to see the rest of the interview!


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